Alice (Ah-lee-ché)

The baby of the our domestic range. This manual machine is simple, elegant and fits perfectly on every bench top. With the manual group head lever and the large steam handle, you’ll feel like a professional barista in your own home.

Nobel (No-Bul)

This fully automatic domestic machine is perfect for every coffee lover. With a simple and the easy to use touch pad, every shot is consistent all at the press of a button.

Sabina (Sa-been-ah)

Don’t let the amazing E61 group head distract you from the rest of this machine. With stainless steel body work, steam arm and water wand, this machine is a workhorse with a touch of elegance that will look the part in any home.

VIENNETTA (Vee-eh-net-ta)

The Viennetta… (The beefed up Nobel). This fully automatic machine has Soft Touch Technology for functionality with a gentle touch. With a commercial pump and sleek design, this machine is the mother of all SAB domestic machines.

Viennetta Levetta (Leh-vet-ta)

We took the Sabina and gave it a commercial pump and fresh intuitive design. This machine is perfect for the home that has one too many caffeine addicts to keep up with demand.


This grinder is perfect to accompany any machine in our domestic range. It comes in black or red and is suitable for even the biggest coffee enthusiast.